Most Secure Hierarchical Messaging & Video Conference

You Can Own Your Data By White Labeling

aapoon provides safe and secure team hierarchical messaging and video conference platforms for businesses, universities, non-profits, and political parties. In addition, with aapoon, you can own your data by white labelling which is not available with other platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc

App customization

Our white labeling services also extend to customizing the apps to suit your needs better. This way, you can get the most out of our services without having to compromise on quality or functionality Period.

Premium Services

Businesses that use our free app can request paid premium features including customer feedback, verified users, straw polls, sentiment analysis, data-driven solutions, and insights. By upgrading to our premium features, businesses can increase their productivity and get a leg up on the competition.

Secured Communication Platforms

aapoon provides a higher level of security than other social media and video conferencing apps on the market today. Our app features include phone verification, facial recognition, and unique secure tokens for meeting attendees.

White-Labeled Communication Apps

aapoon messenger and aapoon meet apps available in Apple and Google Play stores are free and can be downloaded and used. The White label app is the deployment of aapoon software as an app with the corporate name, branding, and customizations that meet the business requirements of any large organization. aapoon is the only company that offers its customers an option to own their data by white labeling which is not available with other platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
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